Alzheimer's Society Dementia Support Service

The Somerset Dementia Connect Phoneline provides quick, convenient access to our Somerset Dementia Wellbeing Service’s Dementia Support Workers (provided by the Alzheimer’s Society). The team can offer information and practical guidance to help people understand the condition, cope with day-to-day challenges and prepare for the future. They also work with Somerset NHS Foundation Trust’s Memory Assessment Service to provide quick answers to clinical questions. This phone line is open to people with dementia and their carers, clinicians and anybody who needs access to trusted, reliable localised information about dementia in Somerset.

Face-to-face, over the phone or in writing, the Dementia Support Workers will help you to:

Remain independent and stay active for as long as possible
Get the information and advice you need to make informed decisions about your wellbeing
Find other local services which can help to improve your life